This is Happening

I’m about to do something so crazy, it might just work.

Real Talk: I am starting a food truck here in Seattle.

More Real Talk: I have never driven a truck except one time I drove a sort of big moving van like 6 blocks. Also, I lost my drivers license so there’s that. I guess I should go to the DOL. I hate that place…


My buddy James and I are going on this big adventure together, and I want you all to come with us. The dinners? That’s our first stop. They are a way for us to get our name out there this summer while we’re building the truck up.

This truck. The truck that will become How Pickle Got Out Of A Jam.

We drove up to Edison (sort of Bellingham-ish if you’re familiar with the area at all) and bought it. It’s old–a ’79–and such a lovely hunk of junk that we kind of fell in love with it, rust and all.

We named the truck Alan after the mechanic who checked it out and said it was a good deal for an old beauty. Even though he said the truck is obviously a lady. Alan just seemed right.

Then we had beers and celebrated the first step in a long journey.

I’ve added a page here on Kernels and Seeds with dates for dinners and for truck updates, but there’s also a tumblr for her, and you can follow us on twitter too. We’ll try to update as we go, but in the meantime drop me a line if you’d like to come and meet this beauty in person–she’ll be living at my house, where the dinners will be held.

We’d so love to have you–James, Alan, and me. Until then, wish us luck!

9 thoughts on “This is Happening

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  2. This is big and even though we just met at the conference, I think you’re more than ready for this! I’m so excited to follow your adventures.

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